Jeff’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement and Transformation process with Living Young Center and Studio 400

Read Jeff’s Testimonial:

“I joke with Karen McGraw of Salon Studio 400, and tell her she is a miracle worker for what she does for me, but she truly is.
I am a 54 year old very out going man who has been balding for 30 years now, after what she did for me and my new hair she has made me feel wonderful!
I feel and look younger, and I have Karen to thank for that. Karen convinced she had a way to make me look better than I did before. I was very skeptical at first but I am very happy she convinced me that my new hair would do wonders for attitude.
People I see all the time do not even realize I have had something done. They just notice I look different and better. So I just tell them I am doing a new hairstyle. Women who touch my new hair compliment me on how soft and great it feels.
Karen has completely changed my appearance and the way I feel about the way I look!
I am so glad that I started going to Karen at Salon Studio 400 I would recommend her to everyone!