About Salon Studio 400 Seminole

As a hair stylist, I believe there is the right style for everyone – the one that brings out the beauty in you and makes heads turn when you walk down the street! The customers of Salon Studio 400 are confident that’s the look they get after a few hours in our cozy private salon. Their confidence is my biggest pride, and I justify this trust by approaching each client individually and delivering the highest quality, every time.

At Salon Studio 400, our service range includes everything you need for your hair to look impeccable – from simple color retouches and everyday haircuts to gorgeous, movie-star hairstyles, hair extensions, and non-surgical hair replacement. Choosing Salon Studio 400 for your hair styling needs, you choose skill and experience, quality products, a unique creative approach, and above all, the atmosphere to rest and enjoy yourself!

We are located in Seminole, Florida.

Karen McGraw 

Karen McGraw
Master Hair Stylist

Seminole, FL

Look great. Feel special. Treat yourself with the style you deserve – in the privacy and comfort of our salon studio.


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